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On Influence: Starting and Stopping the Cracks – Kenyon Review Online


Interview with William H. Gass in Tin House (Full version)

John Jeremiah Sullivan Interview in Rumpus

Lydia Davis Interview in The Rumpus

Paula Fox Interview in The Rumpus

Micheline Aharonian Marcom Interview in  The Rumpus

Gary Lutz Interview in Big Other

D.A. Powell Interview in Big Other

An interview with Ken Sparling at HTMLGiant

James Longenbach Interview in Big Other

Tim Horvath Interview – The Nervous Breakdown

Scott Garson Interview in Big Other

Kim Chinquee Interview in Big Other

Eleanor Cook Interview in Big Other, author of A Reader’s Guide to Wallace Stevens

Edward Mullany Interview in Big Other

Book Reviews

Review of Robert Bresson Revised – Quarterly Conversation

Review of The Guy Davenport Reader at Quarterly Conversation

Review of James Salter’s All That Is in The Quarterly Conversation

A review of Sam Lipsyte’s The Fun Parts

A review of Christine Schutt’s Prosperous Friends at Open Letters Monthly

A review of Scott Garson’s Is That You, John Wayne?

A dialogue review of William Gaddis’s JR at Open Letters Monthly with Gabriel Blackwell

A review of Hugh Sheehy’s The Invisibles at The Millions

Review of Gary Lutz’s I Looked Alive in Puerto del Sol

Divorcer by Gary Lutz – The Review of Contemporary Fiction

Dickinson: Selected Poems and Commentaries by Helen Vendler – The Quarterly Conversation

The Passion Artist by John Hawkes – Rain Taxi

Negative Space by Robert Steiner  – Brooklyn Rail

Urn-Burial by Sir Thomas Browne – The Millions

The Tunnel by William Gass Part I, Part II – Big Other

Age of Iron by J.M. Coetzee – Open Letters Monthly

From Old Notebooks by Evan Lavender-Smith – Big Other

Pretty by Kim Chinquee – The Rumpus

Life of a Star by Jane Unrue – Big Other

Reading Rilke by William Gass – Big Other

In the Heart of the Heart of the Country by William Gass – Big Other

Notes on the Cinematographer by Robert Bresson – Big Other

Lovely, Raspberry by Aaron Belz – Big Other

Baby Leg by Brian Evenson – Big Other

For Those Whom God Has Blessed with Fingers by Ken Sparling – Big Other

Easter Rabbit by Joseph Young – Big Other

Post Road #16 – New Pages

Monkeybicycle #6 – New Pages

Film Criticism

At MUBI, reviews of two films – Blue is the Warmest Color andDrinking Buddies

Review of a new Criterion boxed set of films Roberto Rossellini made with Ingrid Bergman at Senses of Cinema

Kubrick as Colored by Himself (Tribute) – The Nervous Breakdown

On Newfound Footage from Kubrick’s The Shining – Big Other

Why the Audience Can’t Sit for or Stand The Tree of Life – Htmlgiant

An appreciation of Edward Yang’s 1999 film, Yi Yi

Andrei Tarkovksy’s Solaris – The Nervous Breakdown

Robert Bresson’s Au Hasard Balthazar – The Rumpus

John Cassavetes – Big Other

William Gass’s The Pederson Kid and Snow in Film – Big Other

A tribute to eight film directors – Big Other

An appreciation of Kiarostami’s new film Certified Copy – Big Other

Abbas Kiarostami’s Ten vs. Blake Edwards’s 10 – Big Other

Top Films of the Decade – Big Other

Lars Von Trier’s AntiChrist – Big Other

An appreciation of the great film Blue Valentine – Big Other

Book Criticism

Learning from Gordon Lish: A Roundtable on Style in Fiction with David Winters and Jason Lucarelli is at The Center for Fiction’s Literariansite

On Gertrude Stein’s The Geographical History of America – The Rumpus

A close reading of Wallace Stevens’s “The Rabbit as King of the Ghosts”

Stylized Despair: Henry James’s The Portrait of a Lady in 3am Magazine

The Parable of David Shields’s How Literature Saved My Life

Ode to William H. Gass– The Nervous Breakdown

How to Live, What to Read Next (On Gass’s Life Sentences) – The Nervous Breakdown

William Gass’s The Pederson Kid and Snow in Film – Big Other

Report from the Middle of The Ambassadors by Henry James – Big Other

Wallace Stevens – Big Other

Three posts on The Recognitions by William Gaddis Part I, Part II, Part III – Big Other

Close reading of Stevens’s poem “The Motive for Metaphor” – Big Other

Amy Hempel’s “Offeratory” – Big Other

Samuel Beckett’s Shorter Plays – Big Other

John Hawkes’s The Lime Twig – Big Other